Deep Wave Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundles

I haven’t installed the brazilian hair just yet but I have bleached the two longest lengths once and the shorter lengths twice plus they have a permanent color on them. I decided to have color but I didn’t want anything too bright since that’s my normal go to.

The hair took color well. I used ion absolute perfection to help protect it and also a protein filler when I applied the color. I air dried the hair bundles uk and used a color sealer. The hair bundles is still shiny, doesn’t have the original curl but it has a curl, and it’s soft.

It had a bit of a smell when I first received it but that’s not really a bit deal. It wasn’t shedding after all the chemical processing but I sealed the wefts anyway with fray check. I will soon install it and give an updated review but so far so good.


Body Wave Bundles Weave Hair Human Bundles 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundles

This hair has a slight smell to it like brazilian hair or something can’t put my hands on it. Also every bundle I receive all the hair is not 16 18 20 inches to the ends looks like it’s be layered… and this is with every bundle. The hair is soft. I will be co washing don’t like smell… you know I think the smell is like when you get some clothes or bags pkg through mail it has a slight fishy smell I dunno… giving it a two because it’s soft I’ll be back once installed.

Hair was install quick weave style because I wasn’t to sure. Hair is soft! holds curl well! Didn’t use all of hair have about 10inches of 16in left. However I dyed hair black & it lost the natural wave pattern& even with cutting hair really no shedding.

Still no shedding some tingling.. to be expected I guess. I curls it 2weeks ago still have curls when I let it down. I twirl in a knot and cover with silk scarf . Will buy again for a sew in.

Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair for Black Women

Ladies, this right here is a winner! I’ve been purchasing wigs on net for quite a while now and I have to say, this is one of the best units I’ve purchased hands down!

I ordered the 20 inch 360 lace front 180% density 3 months ago, specifically for a vacation to the beach, but ended up making it an everyday wig bc I love it so much!

The wig was delivered to me in a free days, and upon opening my box, I was impressed with the packaging and presentation. The wig itself was inside a cute bag, along with extra combs, wig caps, and other promotional info.

I typically wash my units first before getting excited, bc that will give you a true picture of what you’re working with. Fortunately for me in this scenario, I didn’t need to wait. From the moment i removed the human hair wigs from the net, I was impressed! No smell, texture and density was everthing, and the length was exact as well! The hair line was preplucked which was a Godsend bc I absolutely hate plucking hair, and even though the knots aren’t bleached, I was able to get away with wearing just a wig cap and it totally looked natural).

I’ve had this wig for over 2 months now, and I am STILL receiving daily compliments on this unit. The only negative I would mention is that it does shed some like must curly brazilian hair just seal the wefts, and it can get hot if you wear your hair down Around your neck all the time. But honestly that’s just nitpicking bc you can easily pull some of the hair up to alleviate that.

My routine for keeping my curls popping is to add water and a small amount of leave in conditioner a few times a week. I also co wash it every few weeks.

Don’t think too hard about this one… for the price, you definitely don’t want to miss out!

100% Unprocessed Brazilian Kinky Curly Human Hair Bundles

This is some of the best hair I’ve ever gotten, especially for the price range. The human hair bundles are very thick at the deft and full. You get alot of hair per bundle. You most like will have hair left over, which is a plus since you can always use it later. The closure is a nice blend as well.

I point this out mostly because most times when I get closures after about a month I notice the closure was manipulated more and ends up matting and turning unmanageable. It’s also pretty low maintenance.

A bit of water and leave in conditioner before you walk out the door,shake,and your ready to go. I will definitely buy again.

Ombre Brazilian Hair Straight Hair Ombre Bundles With Closure

So this hair, I was really nervous about ordering it. But I’m glad I did! I don’t think they will last a super long time. But for the price that’s okay. I usually get about 3-4 months out of my extensions in this price rang. But I wear mine daily and work in a salon so I’m constantly doing something to them. The color is pretty. I think they look a little darker in the picture then they actually are but that worked out to my benefit.

I was nervous about the two tone looking like it just had a straight line but once you get them on it looks okay. Especially curled. The closer looked VERY frizzy when I took it out of the package. Definitely has split ends, but nothing a oil and flat iron can’t fix. They hair is so soft and bouncy, it really is beautiful. My only complaint that would make me consider looking at a fmdifferebt brand next time is the hair is extremely this towards the ends. So I doubled up the wefts but they are still very thin.

I usually like my sets to have a bit more thickness at the end BUT it does help it look a lot more natural. I order the 12 + 14 + 16 + 18 and all the lengths were true to size. Over all I’m happy with them and can’t wait to see what the girls at the salon I work At think of them tomorrow. Not a bad deal for 77$!

8A Glueless Full Lace Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair Body Wave

So I got it the package today! I bought it Friday and paid like 3 dollars extra for it to arrive today(Sunday). The hair is very soft and silky. For some there’s a odor to it not a pleasant smelly one. It’s not like you can take it out the box and wear it. I would suggest washing the wig first. ( I personally think everyone should first wash their wigs/extensions before putting it on but each to their own!) The baby hairs are a little bit too long but you can always trim it a bit or adjust it to your liking.

I did minimal plucking to it, I’m not sure it was pre-pluck. The hair doesn’t look thin but I feel like you can alway add additional wefts of hair if it starts to look to thin or just to thicken which I might to be doing soon but idk yet. The density of the hair is alright for the amount I paid. This is my second wig that I have bought so I will rock out with it and if I ever find myself not contain with the density of it, add one or two bundles to it.

The density is the hair is somewhat thin when being wore like if you put it in a bun it’s small and to my preference I like my hair to look full when in a ponytail/bum, etc. So far no shedding or what so ever.


Beauty Brazilian Body Wave Hair 18″16″14″ 3 Bundles Brazilian Human Hair Body Wave

Love this hair. I was a bit iffy at first buying hair online, I’m content I did. This hair is soft to the touch. I only needed one set and I still have hair leftover (results may vary. One may need additional hair depending on the diameter of ones head). I did not cut the weft (except when I was finished sewing), no shedding thus far, I will update while I try this hair out. One last thing I love the closure it adds extra bounce once corked on a 340 setting Diamond flat iron.

So it has been a month and guess what? I still love this hair! Little to no shedding and easy to maintain. You may get a few split ends but that is an easy fix. I hated curling hair but with this weave I would curl every night for a tight curl or once every three days for a bouncy curl.. A wash and set will be conducted while the hair is still attached I will provide another update. until then stay beautiful ladies!

Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave 3 Bundles 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Extensions Natural Color

I must say that I was satisfied with my purchase. The product was packaged very nice. The hair came in a pink box and each bundle was sealed individually in a bag. The box also contained the goodies mentioned in other posts (Panda Bonnet, Eyelashes). The hair had a minimal fishy smell, but I’ve smelt worse hair.

Upon inspecting the bundles, the hair was super soft and the lengths were as described. What I did not like was that the bundles were thin towards the ends and it did not have the full wave as shown in the picture. The hair is not as full as shown especially at the ends. When it was installed, I did like it, but I had to have the ends trimmed.

I’ve had the hair installed for about a week now and to give it the volume of curl that is shown in the picture, I flexirod at night. The hair does tangle, but this is usually toward the end of the day. I would buy this hair again only because I know what to expect from this product.

100% Unprocessed Brazilian Curly Virgin Hair

This hair is some of the BEST curly hair I’ve ever had. With the price I was a little skeptical but man, the hair is awesome. It doesn’t she’d or tangle much and with the use of a detangler at the end of the day it’s perfect, like any human curly hair.

The curl is nice and blended well with my own hair. Every time I wet it, it returned to its naturally curly state…… I washed it, bleached it and installed it twice and it still looks as good as when I first bought it. I bought short lengths to test it but I think I want some longer lengths now.

Side note the hair tends to get a little dry if you don’t use a curl pudding or something. But just wet it with we water and a little conditioner and it’s back to perfect!