Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave 3 Bundles 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Extensions Natural Color

I must say that I was satisfied with my purchase. The product was packaged very nice. The hair came in a pink box and each bundle was sealed individually in a bag. The box also contained the goodies mentioned in other posts (Panda Bonnet, Eyelashes). The hair had a minimal fishy smell, but I’ve smelt worse hair.

Upon inspecting the bundles, the hair was super soft and the lengths were as described. What I did not like was that the bundles were thin towards the ends and it did not have the full wave as shown in the picture. The hair is not as full as shown especially at the ends. When it was installed, I did like it, but I had to have the ends trimmed.

I’ve had the hair installed for about a week now and to give it the volume of curl that is shown in the picture, I flexirod at night. The hair does tangle, but this is usually toward the end of the day. I would buy this hair again only because I know what to expect from this product.

100% Unprocessed Brazilian Curly Virgin Hair

This hair is some of the BEST curly hair I’ve ever had. With the price I was a little skeptical but man, the hair is awesome. It doesn’t she’d or tangle much and with the use of a detangler at the end of the day it’s perfect, like any human curly hair.

The curl is nice and blended well with my own hair. Every time I wet it, it returned to its naturally curly state…… I washed it, bleached it and installed it twice and it still looks as good as when I first bought it. I bought short lengths to test it but I think I want some longer lengths now.

Side note the hair tends to get a little dry if you don’t use a curl pudding or something. But just wet it with we water and a little conditioner and it’s back to perfect!